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In New Batch Job the Available Macros display is wrong - RESOLVED


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In the New Batch Job dialog the selection titled Available Macros is not displaying the macros correctly.  For example in my Library Panel I have these macro categories in this order:


Uplift - Epic Skies

Image Styles

Editing Macros - Marvin

Effects - Marvin

Here is what happens in the list of Available Macros on the New Batch Job dialog:

Default - displays the Macros for Default category. This is correct.

Uplift - Epic Skies - displays Macros for Default category. This is wrong.

Image Styles  - displays the last seven macros in the Editing Macros - Marvin category. This is wrong.

Editing Macros - Marvin  - displays three items from Editing Macros - Marvin and the items of Effects - Marvin. This is wrong.

Effects - Marvin - displays the contents for the Default category.  This is wrong

Here is how I got into this situation:

1. When upgrading I selected existing data in V1 to be brought into V2.

2. When I started to back process some files and reference the macros I saw the problem and figuring something we astray during the upgrade process. 

3. To correct the problem I exported the Categories, then deleted them from the Library Panel, and then imported the Categories again.

The macros run fine. However, they cannot be executed as a part of a batch process because although they appear in the Available Macros dialog they are not found because (and this is my best guess) the indexed item in the dropdown list does not in reality relate to the actual position/local of the macro. Therefore, the macro selected is not executed and no files are processed. Also, no error handling seems to be done and the program just exits without doing the batch process and no error message is displayed. 

I don't see a way a user can correct this situation short of maybe putting all macros in the Derfault category. And, I am not eager to do that. Hope this information helps in identifying the cause of situation.

Mac mini M1 (2020) Monterey 12.6.1

PROBLEM RESOLVED: This morning the problem was resolved. I simply kept shifting the orders of the macro categories and when I hit on an order that worked I stopped shifting.  My best guess is that one of the categories that was moved to the bottom is corrupt. Anyway, there is nothing that the testers or developers have to do on this matter. 




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Problem resolved
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