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Coming from illustrator I am missing the little tool that lets me resize the drawing area exactly to my design. For example: I opened the drawing area as a A4 format but my draw is just a logo much smaller than A4. Can I resize the drawing are to exact the size from the logo and how do I do that. Thanks for the help.

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Welcome to Affinity Forums.

It's not possible to resize the drawing area automatically to your artwork size. Currently you can do it manually through Document Setup (File -> Document Setup...)


Alternatively you can create a slice from your layer (if your logo elements are all in the same layer) and export it (video tutorial here), or in case they are in different layers you can draw a slice manually and export it.


I'm not sure if this was already requested previously.

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Here’s a little trick I found that works perfectly.


Use “command-a” to select all parts of your drawing. Then look in the “Transforms” edit fields for the H: and W: sizes.


Next, figure out how much of a border area you want around your artwork, double that value and add it to each of those two values.


That now becomes the size you need to enter those values in the “Document Setup” appropriate fields.


You will now have a drawing area that perfectly fits all your objects with the border amount you wanted.


Hope this is helpful.



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