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Start Affinity from Apple Photos

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There are a few threads about kind of similar issues but not exactly like this so i start a new topic, hope that’s ok.

I switched from iMac to iPad Pro 12.9”. I store and sort my raw files in Apple Photos and iCloud and I use Affinity Photo For iPad for editing. 

I want to be able to select an image in Apple Photos and from there open it in Affinity. I found several helpful ways to creating a shortcut here in the forum. The problem is that it’s not working for me. When I click on “Affinity” (which is the name I gave the shortcut) nothing happens. But, and this is where it gets interesting, one single image in my Apple library opens in Affinity as it should. The image that works is originally a raw file from Apple Photos that I opened in Affinity, edited, saved as a JPEG in the iPad Files folder and then saved it back to Apple Photos. That’s the only one that will open when I use the shortcuts. The other JPEGs, PNGs and raw files won’t open.

i attached photos of my shortcut settings and the Affinity shortcut in the share sheet.

Anyone knows what might be the problem?



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Hi @johnsane,

I've just created a shortcut for opening an image from Photos in Affinity Photo and its working fine for myself on RAW and JPG files.  I've got my shortcut cut setup a bit differently, as i've set mine to only allow images to be sent to Affinity Photo.  I've also scrolled back through my collection of photos and have yet to find one that it doesn't work on.

Would be worth creating the shortcut again and setting it to Images only (i've attached a screenshot of my shortcut) and see if that helps.


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Thanks, @stokerg
I set my settings exactly like that. It’s so strange, I just managed to open three raw files from Apple Photos but only those three. The other raw files, taken with the same camera and the same lens and stored in the same album wouldn’t open.

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