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Mirror Transformations + Mirror Workflow Improvements

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At the moment, the mirror feature only mirrors manual brushes and erasers. If I need to, say, move, rotate, and scale a hand, I cannot properly transform both hands at the same time over the mirrored axis. The process to fix both sides is tedious: delete the other half, copy the layer, flip, then realign exactly, and merge both layers together. If the transformation doesn't look good, then the process needs to be repeated. Any rotation/scaling/moving suffers the same problem.

Option #1 - Mirror all transformations to the other side. While more difficult to implement, this would allow us to see the changes being made in realtime, and seamlessly accomplish our goals.

Option #2 - Force mirrored area to not accept any art or design work on the layer, and update the mirror in realtime. This would allow realtime transformations to take place without the complexity of mirroring the transformations for each tool. But if an object needed to be unmirrored (I.E. lettering), enabling this mode would eliminate that possibility.

Option #3 - As a simpler alternative, being able to quickly hit a button and get a mirror copy on the other side could help the workflow tremendously. No realtime updates at all here, but the process would be quick enough. As with before, anything unmirrored would be forcibly mirrored, so there would be drawbacks.

It would be nice to see the mirror feature get some love. It's so useful, but some very real pain points make it difficult to use in serious practice.

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I don't know if I'm right, but I get the impression that you're not
familiar with symbols in Affinity Designer.

If that's the case, then you should take a look at it. Especially if
you are dealing with symmetrical designs or patterns.

Just a few points about Symbols.
- you can use Vector and Bitmap Graphics in Symbols.
   (on Bitmap, even with the build in symmetry in Pixel Persona)
- you could Symbols in Symbols
- you could use ADs geometric shapes in Symbols
  and these will be still editable
- and .....

to edit the Contend of a Symbol in an easy way, double click on it.
if you like to edit the Contend of a Symbol in a Symbol then double click on it
and double click on it again.

take look at youtube for Tutorials

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