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I was wondering if anyone here uses http://www.fileloupe.com/for viewing their photos, I am thinking about using it + Finder as my "DAM" until the affinity DAM ships. Was curious if anyone here had used it by chance, also it looks pretty slick with the virtual copies feature really catching my interest for PDFs as it shows. MAS link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fileloupe-media-browser/id944693506?mt=12

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I just downloaded the trial cause their website looked a bit modern and they said something about speed and multi thread which sounded promising....

And the price (19,99€) seemed reasonable.


The speed is quite acceptable. Definitely not where Bridge was but I´d say it´s faster than OnOne PerfectBrowse10 and it sometimes takes a second or two to really display an image perfectly but for the most time it really feels good.


This could be an option although I think FastRAW viewer might also be great as it´s more focused on photographers...I´ll still have to test that one out ;)


Thanks for the hint anyway!



tried FastRAW viewer as well now and they´ve just messed up the forward/ back arrow keys, they don´t work when one hides the side bars .... sadly

otherwise I´d say file loupe is faster but RawViewer might have some settings that I´ve not checked yet 


BUT I discovered a feature that I find very appealing and which I´d also like to have in AP for making selections and I´d definitely like ti have this in an Affinity DAM - screenshot attached, CaptureOne also does this




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This could be an option although I think FastRAW viewer might also be great as it´s more focused on photographers...

I'll have to look into that one, and maybe a combo is the way to go. But I also kinda like fileloupe's ability to view other files. the virtual copies thing really has my interest.

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