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Logo Design – Complete Toolkit(+FREE)


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Full version:


Free version:
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Hello there!

I am very excited to finally release this product 🙂 

Preview images available on pages with materials.



Logo Design – Complete Toolkit

Work faster, better, easier. Do more with less effort. Everything you need today and may need tomorrow in the logo design process.


Your benefits:

Novice: Boost your learning process. Discover how to carry out a successful logo design. Each step is enhanced by an example with additional commentary. See what to do and what to avoid in the creative process.

Intermediate: Revise your knowledge and eliminate potential bad habits that affect the overall quality of work. Increase your market value as a better logo designer. Attract more quality clients and increase your income.

Professional: Work more efficiently with less effort. Everything you need regarding logo design in one organized place. Save time on export and file preparation. Enrich your collection of materials to have more flexibility in the production process.


What is included:


Build the right foundation for a successful outcome. Establish trust in the early stages of a new project. Prepare the persuasion component for the presentation stage.


Ask the right questions and win over the client.


Briefing contains:

  • Digital Version (Source File + Template)
  • Print Version (Source File + Template)
  • Text Version (PDF + RTF)
  • Guide how to prepare PDF with editable text fields


Maintain an appropriate level of communication with the client. Develop precise guidelines that will help you in the creation process and increase the chance of finding the right solution.


Workshops contains:

  • Clean (Source File + Template)
  • Example (Source File + Exported PDF)


Generate more and better ideas. See what elements you should pay attention to while analyzing the competition and developing a creative background.


Benchmarking contains:

  • Clean (Source File + Template)
  • Example (Source File + Exported PDF)


Minimize the chance of creating a logo with defects. Find out what aspects you should be aware of when creating a conception. Test the logo on various mockups.


Logo Tester contains:

  • Complete (Source File + Template)
  • Essentials (Source File + Template)
  • Example (Source File + Exported PDF)


Sell your idea. A good logo is 50% of the success. You have to present it properly. Show how it works.
The worst thing that you can do is to send to your client 2 or 3 logo conceptions in a single image file without any explanation with a question: “Do you like it?”
I prefer a single-conception presentation. How many conceptions you want to present is up to you but present them live each at a time. 

However, a multi-concept template has been prepared.
You can additionally use this template to present your projects in a portfolio.

Logo Presenter contains:

  • Complete (Source File + Template)
  • Essentials (Source File + Template)
  • Various Concepts (Source File + Template)
  • Example (Source File + Exported PDF)


Save hundreds of hours on exporting files every time the client need version that was not included at the beginning. Focus on designing and leave the export to a carefully prepared template.


Logo Exporter contains:

  • Clean (Open File + Template)
  • Digital Extension (Open File + Template)
  • Example (Open File)
  • Example test exported files (ZIP File)
  • Guide how to use it (PDF)
  • Exporter settings and how to change them (PDF)


Export capabilities:

— Color Formats

  • RGB for digital
  • CMYK for print

— Logo Structure

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Sign
  • Logotype
  • Emblem
  • Claim

— Color Versions

  • Full Color
  • Single Color
  • White
  • Black

— File Formats

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • PDF
  • SVG
  • EPS

— In addition for digital purposes there are 2 more sizes: 

  • Medium (M)
  • Small (S)


The final stage of logo design work and the conclusion of your collaboration with the client. The main purpose of the Logo Book is to both describe the construction of the mark and to protect the logo from incorrect use.
The template is provided with universal rules that you can easily apply to your projects, saving you a lot of time.

The last section provides a style guide, i.e. rules for using the logo on real examples such as promotional materials, social media, or banners.

Logo Book contains:

  • Complete (Source File + Template)
  • General (Source File + Template)
  • Essentials (Source File + Template)
  • Style Guide (Source File + Template)
  • Example (Source File + Exported PDF)


Unfortunately, the reality shows that sometimes clients forget about such things as logo book or brand book and the logo that we created is inappropriately used.

Prepare a print-ready portable version of the Logo Book. A 2-page condensed pill of key guidelines can save your logo. Secure appropriate treatment of your work.

Logo Utilization Guidelines contains:

  • Clean (Open File + Template)
  • Example (Open File + Exported PDF)


To give you a better understanding of how to present the logo, 3 examples with different objectives and outcome have been prepared. Each example contains an open file with the structure, appropriate versions of the logo, etc.


The most popular grids for a logo design with open file and guide how to modify them.


PDF files containing points to be aware of when exporting a logo and appropriate file formats.


As you grow and improve your skills as a graphic designer, you begin to understand how to form a structure for a logo. I have prepared 18 mistakes you can make when creating a logo and how to avoid them.


20 tips touching on various aspects of logo design.


Sometimes clients may have inappropriate assumptions about what logo design looks like. Then it is good to clarify these fundamental matters at the very beginning.


The entire toolkit structure is based on this file. It contains UI elements, typographic system, grid, theme structure. It’s very easy to make adjustments.


4 examples of how you can change the design. Keep in mind that this only example of how you can adjust the design to your needs.


Digital(available in two sizes) and converted print version. The One Typographic System to rule them all. 


Even if you are just starting with the software — I got you covered.
I have prepared several guides e.g: How to modify grids, how to implement typographic system, how to use templates, how to work with the client etc.


Mockups, social media template, and more.




Due to the fact that this is the first published product I have a small gift.

For the first 8 persons after entering discount code: "affinity" you will get 21% OFF (you can enter discount code in the checkout)




Full version:


Free version:
(just put 0 in the price box)





To mods:

I have read the forum guidelines, if there is a need to change the content let me know.


Ps. Happy Halloween! 👻

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  • 3 months later...

I am happy to announce first update to Logo Design – Complete Toolkit

Update focuses mainly on increasing the variety in logo presentation and fixes some issues in the first version. New template design is based on 16:9 aspect ratio and artboards size is set to 1920x1080. The color scheme and typeface remained unchanged to keep two of the most important values—neutrality and ease of adjustment.

New in 1.1 Version

  • New theme design
  • New typographic system
  • Compact template
  • Lifting template
  • More extras

For more information about the update, please follow the link below:


Links to products continue to remain unchanged.

Full version:


Free version:
(just put 0 in the price box)



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