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Designer hangs whenever I try to export a layer


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I'm having this issue that's driving me nuts. Basically, I'm trying to export Artboards from my file and Designer just hangs when I try to click ANYWHERE insidethe export panel . I can switch to the Assets tab etc, but if I click inside, it will hang.

I tried pulling the file from the network drive and onto the desktop, same issue. The file is around 108Mb, tried a new file and it doesn't happen. Closed the program and reopened and it worked the first time, then the problem came back.

There is a crashhandler_something.exe process with it, so it's basically crashing and not responding to clicks anymore.


Please help, I really need this to work for me right now.

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Hi @0rAX0 Thanks for the file, sorry for the delay in replying to you. I haven't been able to reproduce the crash on Windows or Mac. Would you be able to upload a video of the issue and also a crash report please?

Can you also tell me which version of Designer you are using please? 👍

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@SPaceBar Hello, it's okay it doesn't happen all the time. Here's how to replicate it (some steps may not be necessary):

  1. Open the file
  2. Make an export right away, or two.
  3. go back
  4. duplicate a screen and make something
  5. save
  6. now try to export what you made and it will most likely hang.


If this doesn't break it I'll show you in a video, or please do tell how to export a crash report from a hanging Designer under Windows.

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