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  1. @SPaceBar have you been able to replicate the bug yet?
  2. @SPaceBar Hello, it's okay it doesn't happen all the time. Here's how to replicate it (some steps may not be necessary): Open the file Make an export right away, or two. go back duplicate a screen and make something save now try to export what you made and it will most likely hang. If this doesn't break it I'll show you in a video, or please do tell how to export a crash report from a hanging Designer under Windows.
  3. I'm having this issue that's driving me nuts. Basically, I'm trying to export Artboards from my file and Designer just hangs when I try to click ANYWHERE insidethe export panel . I can switch to the Assets tab etc, but if I click inside, it will hang. I tried pulling the file from the network drive and onto the desktop, same issue. The file is around 108Mb, tried a new file and it doesn't happen. Closed the program and reopened and it worked the first time, then the problem came back. There is a crashhandler_something.exe process with it, so it's basically crashing and not responding to clicks anymore. Please help, I really need this to work for me right now.
  4. Oh, I just realized that this is a very long-standing problem. Not expecting any responses. :\
  5. I'm trying to make some organic shapes with custom/random stroke dashes, upon expansion I get this messy fills: Before: After Stroke dash settings: 0 2 44 2
  6. My name is Reda Lazri, I’m a freelance designer from Algeria. I specialize in UI/Web design and branding, with a minor focus in print design. I’ve been using Inkscape since I started vector drawing many years ago, and continued to do so though my switches to Linux and then MacOS along with Sketch for UI design, but recently I decided that it’s time for me to move on to something better than Inkscape since it was lagging on the Mac so I purchased Affinity Designer after using the trial version for some time. Even though I think that I have made the correct choice by moving most of my work to Affinity Designer now, I thought I’d share a list of the most annoying aspects about it, coming from non-Adobe software. Of course, this goes without saying that I like a lot of its unique features. The Interface I wish there was a light mode for when I’m not in the mood. Waiting for 1.6. ;) The Studio The most annoying thing for me in this aspect was the inability to collapse the right panes into icons to save space and declutter the workspace, especially since I work from a 13” Macbook without an external monitor. :\ The Keyboard Shortcuts One major annoyance was the default shortcuts that are so similar to Photoshop and yet do not make much sense (why can the Node Tool be selected by both V and A while the Artboard tool doesn’t have a proper shortcut?,) I was really hoping that AD would have had shortcut profiles and included a PS preset while providing better, memorable shortcuts. I think Sketch nails this with (O)val, (V)ector, (L)ine, ®ectangle, (S)lice, (A)rtboard by default. There is also the “Return-to-convert-text-to curves-without-noticing” I wasted a lot of time doing Ctrl-Z for this one. And I just wish the shortcut to duplicate objects was Cmd-D like everything else. Also, there are no shortcuts for geometric operations (add, divide, subtract…), which is weird since they’re the most used in vector drawing. Artboards Multiple Artboards can't be selected and moved around, and they are treated like normal objects when they’re duplicated. The duplicated Artboard should be created next to the original not on top of it. Guides (Limitation) I miss the guides from Inkscape, you can even rotate them. AD really lacks in this area. The color pane(s) I’m spoiled by the way Inkscape does it as well as the quick Ctrl-C picker in Sketch. AD really lags behind with its weird way of working: I can’t quickly set a fill or a stroke without toggling them first Using the picker doesn’t assign the color, but instead keeps in a circle next to it and I have to click on it again. There is no HEX values UNLESS I select “RGB Hex Sliders”, what if I want HSL instead? :| There is opacity slider when I click on the Fill/Stroke. There are no Swatches, noise, Hex when I use the ‘Color’ pane on the right. The ‘Save’ Dialog (Bug) If you try to close a document without saving it asks you to save; if you do, you’ll have to click ‘close’ again. Text (Limitation?) A created line of text can’t be converted to a text frame, or can it? Strokes (Bug) Joining two lines increases the width of their stroke! Will there be PART 2? Probably, this is just a list I made after using AD for three projects, I think there is a lot to be discovered. Please let me know what you think and whether you have suggestions to minimize the annoyance.
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