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Overlaying elements influence text appearance when printing on Xerox Laser


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Hi Affinity Team,

I had similar effects a long time ago with somewhat 1.7 in 2019. Now this ist back. My older posting was this:

Now its the same effect, but my actual example shows where this may come from. The text, which has overlaying objects (in this case path converted Art Text) prints slightly bolder. PDF exports are absolutely ok, and printing those from other apps is fine (typowise).

This effect comes only when using postscript fonts, pathconversions are unaffected.

Example data: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7eb72addfx5tlj8/21_09_24_printtest-afp.zip?dl=0

best, Marcus



Affinity Suite since 1.7, now on 2.4.0 – I love it !
iMac i9, macOS Sonoma 14.3.1

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Hi @SPaceBar, I can give you a conclusive update on that.

Maybe you should close that topic or change the title (not sure that I would be able to do that?), because not overlaying elements influence the text appearance, but underlaying gradients ! If you take a look to the older pictures of 2019, its always a gradient in the background. Same in this file.

Some further tests with three different printers (2 newer non-ps HP Laser Printers along with the Xerox) showed, that …

  1. Printing results were quite the same on all those machines 
  2. Printing only page 2 with that text issues shows no problem or bolder text (in the area of the underlaying gradient) on any printer (IMG_0910-11)
  3. But printing the layoutpage 2-3 shows clearly the same problems on every printer (regardless of ps or non-ps) (IMG_0912)
  4. Printing the same layoutpage 2-3 without the underlaying gradient print correct on every printer. (IMG_0913)

So my suggestion would be to investigate the behaviour of layoutpage-printing with underlaying gradients.

best, Marcus





Affinity Suite since 1.7, now on 2.4.0 – I love it !
iMac i9, macOS Sonoma 14.3.1

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