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Pencil lag/delay


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I am trying to decide what software to go with and am trying out affinity design.  Everything started out great but out of no where i started getting a bad lag when using the pencil tool with the stabilizer on.  I have tried both my tablet and mouse on my pc.  I tried deselecting windows ink in designer and in my tablet software just to see and it still gives me the lag.  I really like the software minus this and am hoping someone knows a fix. 

For what its worth I am doing the 10 day demo and the software version on it is


edit: just noticed it does it without stabilizer on as well


Thanks for any help!

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Thanks for the response, no i wouldnt unfortunately.  Its as it says.  The "ink" stays up with the pointer sometimes and then starts lagging way behind the pointer and takes a good few seconds to catch up depending on the length and how slow i draw the line.  I noticed that I can not turn on opencl due to some software/driver issue with the amd 5000 series cards.  Looks like its been going on for some time with no fix so I am currently trying other software out.  If you have a fix great, if not I will move on to Ai or clip art. 


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I am using the inspiroy dial pad/pen and a logitech g5..........both work fine with other software(ps, ai, gimp, clip art).  Honestly unless you have a fix, feel free to submit the issue but dont worry about responding.  I dont have time for back and forth whats this whats that emails.  Also i have a decent pc so that isnt the issue, I can run Autocad with no problem. 

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