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Hi! I realize this likely seems like a very basic question, but I can't seem to solve it. I want to use the fill tool to fill in several objects with white, that are currently black. Here's the flow I would expect:


1) Select Fill tool

2) Select the color I want to fill in the objects (actually, I'd look for an eye dropper tool but I haven't seen one, but since all I want is pure white, the eye-dropper isn't important at the moment)

3) Click on the object I want to make white

4) See the object change to white


Instead, what seems to be happening is, at step 3, the White that I had configured changes to Black (the color of the object), so I need to repeat step 2 again. I have many objects to fill, so the extra clicks are somewhat annoying.


What am I missing here? :)


Bonus: Is there an eye-dropper-type tool?

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Hi richardmtl,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

You have to select the objects you want to edit first, only then change the fill. So basically you should do your step 3 first, then do the second.

To do it in one step select all black objects first pressing and holding shift and clicking them on the canvas, then change the colour in the Colour panel to white.

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