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Corners remain editable after boolean operation (add, subtract, intersect etc...)

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I love the corner tool - awesome stuff. But as soon as I apply a boolean operation to shapes (add, subtract, intersect, divide, combine) their corners become baked and the ability to edit corners is lost.


I imagine that it *might* be possible for any unaffected corners to retain their corner tool setting (i.e. existing corners with a corner tool setting applied, that are not created or changed by the boolean operation being applied).


This would be a great help. Currently when ever I want to apply a boolean operation on a shape that has a corner, I first have to zero the corner, remember what it was, then reapply it after the boolean operation is applied.

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Would be very hard to do. Imagine if you have two rectangles, round all corners on both, then overlap two corners and use boolean add. That means two rounded corners are on top of each other. What should it do then? The only thing that makes sense is to bake the changes and merge the actual curves.


I think another workflow for you is needed. Try to GROUP objects inside folders instead of boolean adding them. Then apply layer FX and adjustment layers on the group. The folders will act like a boolean add/single layer.


Another thing you may wanna try is a non-destructive boolean. It's called a compound path. Acts like a single object but its sub-parts are still individually editable.


PS: If you intend to export as raster then these solutions will solve it for you. If you intend to export as SVG vectors you should do a real boolean add to simplify the geometry and filesize.

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Thanks for the comments and suggestions aitte.


Yeah, I figured that overlapping corners would be an issue calculating the operation without baking them first - hence my caveat "unaffected corners". I envisaged that a corner setting would only be preserved on corners outside the immediate area of the operation. For example, when performing an 'add' operation on two shapes, there's no reason to bake a corner that is outside the overlap area. Any corner whose radius overlaps another shape could bake first as usual.


I tried a compound path but it's not possible to use the corner tool on a junction common to both objects - only on individual object angles. I haven't tested yet, but I suspect that this limitation would apply to grouped shapes inside folders also.


A bug side note: I've found that the number shown in the corner tool radius field is incorrect if I first select the corner with the node tool, then change to the corner tool. For example, if I set a corner radius at 4mm, deselect, then re-select with the node tool, then change to the corner tool, the field shows 47.2mm. However if I select the node directly with the corner tool (without first selecting with the node tool) the number is correct.

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