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I'm new to Designer, so maybe I'm doing this wrong but it seems counterintuitive and I'm struggling.


I created a document and added a bunch of guides to it.  I then realized that I needed to resize the document, but I didn't want to reposition all the guides again.  In the resize document window, the option to rescale objects doesn't seem to include guides as "objects", so that didn't work.


Ok, I thought, maybe it's because I put definitive pixel positions for the guides in the Guide Manager.  Perhaps if I changed them to percentage positions then it would rescale their positions on the new document size.


This would make total sense to me.  If I position a guide at 30% vertically on one document, I'd like it to remain at 30% if I enlarge the document, especially if I have checked the option to rescale objects.  Otherwise it renders all the guides completely useless.


Unfortunately this didn't seem to work either!  It changed all the percentages of the guide positions!  I can't figure that one out at all.  If someone has taken the time to define a guide position based on a percentage, why would they want it to change when they enlarge the document and select objects to be resized as well.


Am I doing something wrong?  

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Hi whistlerdan,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

No, you're not anything wrong! We are aware that some "elements" (guides, slices) don't rescale with the document. Soon there will be improvements here that i believe (i don't know all details at this point) will address those issues. If not we will log them to be fixed, but for now just wait a little more and check the new Betas. 

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