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SVG import "viewBox" attribute unexpected interaction with "width" and "height"

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I am generating SVG files with very large viewBox min-x coordinates

eg <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="36900 -60 7800 1590" width="7800" height="1590">


If I import such an SVG into Affinity Designer (1.9.3) the combination of the viewBox and width/height attributes causes the artwork to lie outside the 7800x1590 pixel document with large negative Y coordinates.


If I remove the "width" and "height" attributes (which specify the same size as those specified by the "viewBox" attribute) the file is imported in the way I expect.


Note that I don't know what the "correct" behaviour is -- just trying to reading the SVG specifications causes anger and confusion! -- but both Firefox and Safari web browsers don't seem to be upset by this combination of attributes, and it would be nice if Designer did the same thing.


svg-transform-test-case-3.svg svg-transform-test-case-4.svg

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