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Working with 360 photos with colour grading, hdr, over exposure fixes

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I am very new to using the Affinity photo software and photo editing in general so please excuse my ignorance. I recently started shooting virtual tours and have been experiencing the same issue with most of my indoor photos inside of buildings where the open windows have ended up with very bright and washed out highlights. I have experimented with HDR 9-step bracketing and have improved my shots considerably but the window sections of the pictures are still too washed out for my liking. Most of them end up with a blue hue to them and I would like to understand how to remove that blue hue and improve the exposure of the outside scenery through the window. I have included a few sample shots to help illustrate what I am trying to describe. I am using the Insta One X2 camera which does have its limitations but it is all that I can afford at the moment and just wanted to be able to make the shots it produces as good as possible for now until I can upgrade to a better camera.

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Hi @VirtualTourNewbie22,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Are you tone mapping the images when merging the bracketed shots (Tone map HDR image checkbox in the New HDR Merge dialog)? If so, in the tone mapping Persona when it finishes merging the shots, go to the Shadow&Highlights section and drag the slider to the left to recover some detail from the over exposed areas - don't go too far or the image will start looking unrealistic. If you are using the Tone map option you can switch to the Develop Persona (make sure you have the merged layer selected in the Layers panel, Basic tab, Shadows&Highlights section and do the same here. Depending on the images, you may have to balance it with the Exposure, Blackpoint etc until you find a good compromise. Without seeing the images it's difficult to give you specific advice.

You may also want to enable the clipping alarms in Develop Persona on the top right of the interface (the first three button group counting from right) to avoid clipping highlights (red colour), shadows (blue color) and tones (yellow colour) while adjusting the setting mentioned above.

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