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APub: Text styles and optical alignment

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MacBook Pro (15", 2019)
macOS 11.2.3
Publisher 1.9.2 


Hi everyone,

I set up a document in Publisher and organized my text styles in groups in the following way:

Group Style (General Settings)

          Group Style (01 Body Texts)

                    Paragraph Style (Body Text)

                    Paragraph Style (Unsorted List)




The group style "General Settings" acts like a master style. Here I setup all the things that should stay the same across all further subordinated paragraph and group styles. As those things work, the settings I make in "01 Body Texts" should override the settings from "General Settings" and "Body Text" should override the settings of "01 Body Texts".

So far that has always worked well for me, except in one case.

For the paragraph style "Unsorted List" I changed some optical alignment settings and as expected, these settings override the settings of "01 Body Texts" and "General Settings". The problem here is, that it doesn't just override the optical alignment for the characters where I adjusted it, but also resets all other characters that I previously setup in "General Settings". This kind of breaks my workflow, because now if I want to change the optical alignment of a character, I have to do it in "General Settings" and in "Unsorted List" which ultimately will lead so some inconsistencies down the line.

So my question here is, am I doing it wrong? Is it a bug? Or if everything works as intended, could it be implemented that the optical alignment of characters can be overridden character by character instead of resetting all characters that are not adjusted in the overriding paragraph style?


I hope my writing is not too confusing.

Thanks for the help in advance!


Here is an Example:

In "General Settings" I set "f" to 28% left and in "Unsorted List" I only set "•" to 350% left. My wish would be that the character "f" is still pushed 28% to the left when the paragraph style "Unsorted List" is activated, without having to manually add it as a setting. Mabye this example makes it more clear?







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Hi @Luca H,

Our sincerest apologies for the delayed responses here, we're working to clear a backlog of tickets that occurred during the release of 1.9.2 & 1.9.3 whilst working from home, so many thanks for your patience and understanding.

I can confirm I have been able to replicate this issue here and therefore it has been logged with our developers to be resolved, many thanks for your report :) 

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