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Printing problem (was: Cath)

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I've recently upgraded to v, and am now having issues when printing.

The image looks ok to print but in print preview, the image has been cropped at the top edge and it has shifted left, leaving a white strip on the right-hand side, and this is how the image gets printed.

See images attached: 1) Image to be printed in AP; 2) AP Print window -  all looks ok; 3) Print Preview window. You can see how the image has shifted to the left, leaving a white stripe down the right-hand side, and this is how it gets printed.

Everything was fine when printing prior to the upgrade. I have not made any changes to the printer set up.

I have version 1.9.1 on another PC, and that prints the same image perfectly on the same printer.


Untitled 1.jpg

Untitled 2.jpg

Untitled 3.jpg

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yup - I have the same problem, occurred only after two new updates to AP installed in 2021. Currently running AP

Canon Pixma MG7720 printer

Except the problem really is not gone for me if I print WITH borders - if I look closely the image is still sifted to the left, but it is not as obvious.l

posted this myself,        Post : "Prints are misaligned"      , unfortunately no replies. 

Have you found any workaround yet?

what I've done as a workaround:

  1. export my AP image as a JPG, with the softproofing layer ACTIVE, so that I'll get good color reproduction.
  2. save that JPG as a "print version" on hard drive.
  3. open that JPG in windows photo viewer
  4. use the print dialogue from windows photo viewer to print

This seems to give me a good borderless print with proper alignment. But it really stinks suddenly NOT to be able to print from Affinity Photo.  Good to know I'm not the only one.  Like you said, it is definitely an AP problem, since I have 5 (FIVE) other software photo programs- ALL of them print borderless correctly, only AP misaligns them.


Image 1:

in the AP print dialogue - all looks well


Image 2:

in my print driver preview - shows that I'll get a white band at the bottom, and on the right- and this is how it prints (with everything set to print borderless).

ignore the wonky colors in the print driver preview - colors look bad, but when printed look perfect.





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