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Adding assets in publisher

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I have a book document with over 100 photos. using the stated proceedure for importing assets, once I get to the folder with the photos, they are grayed out and will not let me import them. I have another process I stumbled on to, where I select place an image tool and it will load all the images into the asset panel, yet some of them look like digital information and not the photo thumbnails. Once I go to another tab, like Pages, then switch back to assets they are gone. Can you please advise me what the problem is. I'm on a Mac, the images are jpgs

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Ok I'll try to explain: An Asset in the case of Publisher means a graphic like a logo or sign or picture that is used more often than once. It is not meant as a photo/image you like to place once or twice in a document. In this case the terminology of asset is misleading. Therefore Publisher wont let you import photos as assests. Also notice these assets are stored in the app "forever", so every time you launch the app it will load all the assets which will (in your case 100+ photos) lead to horrible long lauchingtimes, even if you want to create  e.g. a business-card with no photo in it.

To your second question, the panel that you see when you like to place images with the "place image tool" is not the "asset panel" it's the "place image panel" which let you choose what image to place first when you have selected more than one image to import/place at once. This panel is temporarily, as soon as you have placed all the images or use another tool than the "place-image-tool" it disapears.

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