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Photo, Symmetrically extending the crop tool on opposing sides.

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You have a picture of a bottle of wine you want to crop. In Photoshop I would have grabbed the crop tool brought the left and right sides to line up with the edge of the vertical sides of the bottle. Then grabbed the crop handle in the middle vertical right side and whilst holding shift (If I remember right) dragged out till I had the space I required. The left side would automatically mirror my movement and I knew I had the crop central to the bottle in a visual sense.

??? How do I do this simple, fundamental thing in AP. Grateful for any enlightenment, I have tried and tried and searched videos galore.

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Here's another approach, using just the Crop tool.  When first engaged, the Crop mode is Unconstrained.  Use this mode to set the left and right edges - height is not especially important at this stage.  Change Crop mode to Original Ratio.  Use either the top or bottom centre handles to adjust the width - the horizontal central position is maintained.  Change the Crop mode back to Unconstrained and finish adjusting the height.  Click Apply.

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Photo/Designer/Publisher: Affinity Store, v2.1.1 release

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