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Do you know of a plugin for my Epson 2720 Scanner that allows me to scan a neg and in the scan process convert to a pos?  Or - Maybe there is a way to do this within Affinity Photo?

I have an LED Light pad with variable light strength.  I have cut from a black mask paper a frame for the image.  I turn the LED lights on and flip on to scanner.  I get a perfect scan of the neg.  But, I need a positive of the image.

Many Thanks


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To go from negative to positive is quite simple, just invert the image (Ctrl + i). If you're using colour negs the problem is to get rid of the orange cast. The actual shade of orange varies with the make/type of film. There are various ways to try to do this, (try a search of the forum, or Google) but Auto Colours, White Balance, Curves and HSL adjustments are a good place to start. You can also try using a blue Lens Filter adjustment. Quite honestly, I think you may find that the way you are scanning the negs will give you rather poor quality images. You really need a scanner which is intended to scan negs, these normally come with built in filters to get rid of the orange tint.

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I have tons of b&w and color negs to scan - literally, decades worth of pics - and what I decided on was buying a Kodak Slide 'n Scan, which I got on Amazon.  It's a dedicated scanning method that is independent of a photo program and you wouldn't have to have a plug-in for Photo, and it converts your image to a positive.  That being said, Amazon has many slide/negative scanners and my Kodak one is middle-range price but there are others that are waaaay more expensive.  It has worked flawlessly but as with doing anything like this, it is time-intensive (in other words, you're not gonna scan in 10 sheets of negatives [24 pics per roll] in five minutes.  This Kodak one will scan normal-sized negs as well as slides (as most of them do).  Once I scanned in a roll of negs, I made a pdf contact sheet of that roll and there are several image viewing programs that will do this for you; it's easy-peasy.  One other caveat to this negative scanner is that I am only able to scan in at a 72dpi jpeg format and that means that if you wanted to do something further with the image, like printing, you would need to bring it up in your photo editing program and save it as a 300dpi png.  Being a photographer and graphic designer, this is absolutely not the dpi I would scan something in at on my Epson flatbed photo scanner, but I don't have a choice with the Kodak negative scanner.

There are flatbed negative/slide scanners also if you wanted to check them out on Amazon.  As with most things sold there, read the reviews of the product before you purchase it.

Hope this helps on your negative scanning adventure.

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You're welcome, phendee.  Having edited my camera raw photos and scanned printed pics for years and years, doing negatives/slides is quite another matter!  And the reason I have negatives to scan is that I started in photography when there was only roll film (the early 1980's, and then went to digital cameras), so here I am wanting to get negatives digitized - even if I don't do anything else with them.  Ya can't go wrong with a dedicated negative/slide scanner or a flatbed negative/slide scanner, and if you have a lot of them to do, it's worth the money for the dedicated equipment.  And just one more point - after scanning in the negs, you can then pick and choose from the contact sheet what pic you want to do something else with, such as printing.  Good luck!

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