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Affinity Photo crash panorama

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Affinity Photo crashes when I am trying to make a panorama. Doesn't matter if I use raw files or TIFFs. Was working well, but started crashing before I updated to latest version. I hoped the latest version would fix the issue but hasn't. My hardware details:

GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Driver Version 461.40
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz
15.95 GB RAM
2560x1440, 59Hz
Thanks for your help. Geoff McKay.

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Hi, I have found out that since I unticked Enable OpenCL compute acceleration it will stitch TIFF files ok but not my raw files, whereas before it would do neither. I am happy with that because I always edit my raw files anyway then stitch the TIFF so thanks for your help! I will see how things work out in future but for the time being, I am happy with the results I'm getting now. Thanks again for your very prompt help. 

Best regards.

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It still should work with RAW files as well and never crash no matter the circunstances. Something's not right. You do not have to share the files if you don't want ( no worries with that!) but it would help us to fix the issue if we manage to make it fail/crash here with your files. Thank you for your support and report anyway.

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Hi again, I have done some more experimenting, this time with a fresh set of pano files. The panorama stitching is working well now, even on the raw files and even with the Enable OpenCL compute acceleration ticked. I wonder if the files I was working with previously were not over-lapped or aligned vertically correctly (can't check as I have deleted them). So all seems to be ok at present. So I'm thinking it was operator error on my part! Sorry to have bothered you and thanks again for your help.

Best regards, Geoff.

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It's possible the source files weren't overlapping enough or there was some sort of issue but the program shouldn't have crashed - it usually outputs an incorrect panorama (or maybe display an error message - I have to confirm this). In any case if you happen to stumble upon a similar situation please keep the source files so we can inspect them. We are able to fix the issue we can reproduce here. Thanks.

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Have also the Problem that Affinity 1.9 stil crahses on stitching Panos oder stacking Stuff.

(As mentioned here in this Thread last Year

i still have set the "Rendering" in the Performance Menü to "Warp" to make Photo work with Pano stacking.)

If i set it to the 1070Ti it crahses still every Time..

Useing "Warp" may do the Trick, but it's slow as hell by comparison to the Geforce (witch works up to Photo 1.6 or so...)..

I think i read about a Problem when C1 is also installed on the WinPC?

So is there some Light of the End of this Tunnel, so that Photo will work again with the Geforce used in the "Render" Setting? ..

By the way, Render set to Warp + OpenCL activated is working on my System, makes some Things really faster, but Stacking-Stuff with "Warp" is really no Pleasure..

But i'v also to say that Affinity is really amazing, what you Guys offer to your Custumors over Years for free Updates by comparison to other Companys and for this fair Prize is really awesome.. Chapeau!!

Special C1 should follow your Example at least a litte bit :)..

Greetz from Austira





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