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Layers Panel & Selection Issues


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I've been experiencing three issues related to the layers panel and layer selection ever since I updated to Big Sur.

Firstly, when I have multiple layers selected and go to hide them all (by either clicking the checkmark or menu option), the last/bottom layer in layers panel will appear to be deselected even though it actually isn't and can still be manipulated along with the other layers that still appear selected.

The second one is harder to describe and I haven't figured out what causes it yet (I think it might happen when quickly selecting between different layers in the layers panel, but don't quote me on that), but on multiple occasions I've had the current layer I'm working on appear to deselect itself (but like with the bug mentioned above, isn't and can still be manipulated). That layer, or any other layer, then can't be (re)selected, often thinking I want to change the layer name when I'm just trying to select it. It's like I'm soft locked out of the layers panel entirely. It isn't until I click an empty part on the canvas, to essentially to deselect everything and have nothing selected, am I able to work in the layers panel again.

Lastly, when moving layers around in the panel, often times the layer I have selected won't move to its new location in the panel but the layer above or below it that isn't selected will be moved instead. It feels to me that I experience this more when I'm scrolling quickly through the layers while dragging a layer to its new spot in the panel and when I try to move a free layer into an group that's already been formed.

Hopefully that all makes sense.

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Hi Blacklick,

Are you able to get some screen recordings that demonstrate these three issues please?

The first one I was not able to replicate -  all objects are getting selecting without an issue for me and hide/unhide as expected. I'm not sure what could be happening with the second, but a video would certainly help. Again the third I was not able to replicate - objects are being placed in the correct location to where I'm releasing the mouse - note the visual representation of the line does let you know if you're dropping it above, below or inside of a layer.

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Much appreciated! Yeah, I didn't experience these issues at all until I update to Big Sur, so that makes sense.

I will also say while I'm here that I'm still experiencing the other 2 issues I mentioned but haven't been able to get a screen recording of it since I'm always working on a document I can release videos of to the public when I run into them.

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