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Live Projection Saving Problems

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Hi all,

Currently I am working in AP to retouch some spherical panoramas, and the workflow is just killing me. 

Does anyone have an actual solution for working on spherical panos without having to hard commit to every single local change before moving to another part of the image? This prevents me from saving intermittent backups, since I have to flatten for every single retouch, and I cannot save any working layers.

Right now I am using AP exclusively for spherical work (and nothing else), only because Adobe has not yet solved their own spherical bugs in the latest versions. Honestly I cannot see using AP as a professional solution, since it's more like working with photoshop 20 years ago in terms of destructive editing and lack of detailed shortcuts, or the ability to set default tool-specific options (I NEVER use a freehand lasso, only a straight line lasso, but I cannot set the straight lasso as a unique preference).


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I feel your pain.

Photoshop allows you to have layers when working on spherical panoramas, the problem is the 3D engine sucks so it sizes down the image (which takes time) to the point that it's crap.

Affinity keeps the resolution and you can create layers use all the tools in the view, but you can't switch the view without merging down and applying. But the difference in quality is worth it.

With Affinity I keep the view wide so I can work as much of the image as possible and zoom in on areas to do fine work then merge and move on. The panning is so smooth and quick.

Photoshop can save panoramas in a viewable forms (. mov, .gif) but the quality is way too poor for anything but cellphones.

As far as I know Affinity has no way to generate viewable panos, tell me if I'm wrong.

P.S. Lasso tool will select with straight lines when you hold down shift (add in PS) and deselect when you hold down alt(subtract/straight lines in PS).

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