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Looking for keyboard shortcuts customization for scrolling in Designer (Windows)

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Hi everyone - still relatively new to Designer so I don't know if this is an existing feature but I've been unable to find anything online so far. I have wrist issues that make extended mouse use difficult, so I use a pen tool and keyboard as much as possible. Been looking for non-mouse keyboard shortcuts for the scroll function (horizontal and vertical), preferably with a way to customize the precision with which you move, so you can move as much or little as needed with each key stroke in each direction. The latter is nice to have right now--just getting the keyboard functionality would be really helpful for my workflow. I've not been able to find any way to customize scrolling in the Preferences menu, and nothing is listed in the shortcuts cheatsheets that I can find online. Am I out of luck on this one?


(I use v.1.8 in Windows on Windows 10, in case that makes a difference.)

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I don’t think there are any keyboard shortcuts for scrolling in the Affinity applications (even Page Up/Down don’t seem to do anything, with regard to scrolling), but I could be wrong.
Have you tried using the Navigator Panel? It allows you to go directly to the area you click on and you can create presets (which can be given keyboard shortcuts) if you open the Advanced options. Maybe not what you want but could be useful.
There used to be an official video tutorial for the Navigator but I can’t seem to find it, plenty of others on the web though, just search for “affinity navigator”.

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