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I have passed many tutorials so far, but am yet to find some things that look simple, but I cannot find reference for it.

So I am unsure how adjustments set as a childs to layer act in order of preference, is the adjustment on the bottom of child stack applied to layer first, than the one above it and so on, or vice versa?

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Which program are you using? Because I believe there is a different option of either nesting adjustments or creating new layers depending on the one you're using.

As for your actual question, yes. Unlike the stack order of the layers, the adjustments that are on the bottom are applied first and then the top. You can test this with two different "Recolor" adjustments on the same layer with two different colors. Red on the bottom will show before blue on the top.

Also, you can change the settings in the Assistant Manager to have adjustments created as their own layers rather than nested inside others if you wish.

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