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PLEASE HELP: All Affinity Products Stopped Opening on Windows 10


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PLEASE HELP: All Affinity Products Stopped Opening on Windows 10

I have a Surface 7 Pro with 2 external monitors and have been using Affinity products on it for some time.
I've purchased all three Affinity products and been quite happy with them, up until now...

Went to open them today and none of them will open, all have a very brief loading cursor then nothing at all. 😞

Nothing in:
%APPDATA%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\Log.txt   0KB
%APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Log.txt   0KB
%APPDATA%\Affinity\Publisher\1.0\Log.txt   0KB

Windows 10 20215.1000
Intel Iris Plus Graphics

Affinity Designer 1.8.5 but also affects Affinity Photo 1.8.5 and Affinity Publisher 1.8.5.
All were working just fine up until today.

I've restarted several times.  Tried without the external monitors attached.  Etc.
Nothing seems to help at all.
I have none of the known third party apps that cause issues.
I replaced the Intel Iris Plus graphic drivers with the latest version from Intel and that did not help either.

PLEASE HELP I have work I desperately need to do and I can't even get any of the apps to launch anymore. 😢😭
I need to get this working again ASAP. 🙏 If a developer needs to access my machine remotely to debug that can be arranged.

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I was able to get them to launch again by deleting all windows color calibration profiles and setting all three displays to sRGB IEC1966-2.1 (default), as well as the system default profile to sRGB IEC1966-2.1 and restarting.

The surface screen was previously set to the default surface Enhanced profile.

It would appear this bug is in working with windows color profiles.
Having them all just stop working was quite the scare, hopefully this bug gets fixed soon, I was fortunate enough to stumble on the solution myself by trying everything I could find in any of the forums.
Hopefully this information helps the dev team find and fix the bug and anyone else experiencing this issue get going again.

Thanks! ❤️ 

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Hello, I have the same issue,

I have tried lots of things but stil not working any program, they just stop running when doing a new page or opening whatever.

Can you explain me in a more easy whey how to do that thing that you said about deleting profiles?

Thank you very much.

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