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VUYE Daniel

Designer : the Layers panel change suddenly.

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Software : Affinity Designer 1.3.2 (in French) under 10.8 macOS


Subject : The Layers panel change suddenly.





I load my document with three layer groups. The layers panel shows a triangle to the left of each of the three names.


Suddenly, the panel has changed without reason. The triangle to the left of the group name has disappeared and a small triangle has appeared to his right. It became impossible to develop any group.


I can not find documentation on this. Can you explain what is happening?


Thank you in advance.


Attached : two screenshots.




Sorry for my English, I only speak French.


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Hi VUYE Daniel,


Welcome to the Forums :)


Could you please start a new document and see if you get the same issue? If you don't get the same issue please could you attach the file that is having the issue so I may investigate this further? If you get this issue with all documents please could you try resetting the program. To do this you need to hold down the CTRL key while opening the program then in the reset window that appears click Select All and then hit Clear.



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Hello Callun,      (I am sorry for my english, I only speak french. Thanks to Google for the translating from french to english.)


I thank you for your interest in my message and the promptness of your response.

As you suggested, I reset Affinity Designer with CTRL. This did not change the problem.
So I did some tests with the hope to isolate the problem. I combined Affinity Photo, Affinity  Designer and two computers.
Here's what I observe.
1. The phenomenon occurs on only one computer.
2. It occurs with Affinity Photo as well as with Affinity Designer.
3. It occurs with every files.
4. The trigger seems a simple click.
5. Pass simply from Affinity to Mail and return to Affinity is enough to provoke him.
6. The saved files are not affected by the phenomenon.
7. On 20 August , I downloaded the version 1.3.5 of Designer and Photo. The phenomenon is still there. 
The computer on which the phenomenon occurs is a eMac 27-inch under MAC 0S 10.8.5 in French.
The computer where everything works perfectly is a eMac 27-inch under Mac 0S 10.10.5 (YOSEMITE) in French.
Attached you will find two simple files in case you would like to examine them. But, in my opinion,  the problem is not in the files.
Thanking you in advance,
Daniel VUYE




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