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Handle scaling, not as a preference. (Or make then 3x bigger) Allow resize at runtime like brush sizing. PLEASE. Currently unusable at 4k and can't see mouse cursor changes at 6k or 8k.

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Hello, I love the programs, I own the suite under a different email address than I used for my forum user(which was setup a while ago).
I would LOVE to leave Adobe completely behind for Affinity. I await that day with glee.

Adobe has ignored the tens of thousands of complaints about this issue. Please do not ignore this issue.
• All Handles are near impossible to see and use at 4k resolution without OS level DPI changes for UI.  
(please do not reply and tell me to go to preferences and choose the largest size.. it's simply not enough of a change. Perhaps increasing the largest size by 300% would suffice but I prefer to request a change instead. )

Mouse/cursor changes are basically invisible at; high resolution with Np OS DPI Scaling. ..and more so, they are impossible to "hit" their hover region for things like "shear, skew".
Increasing OS level DPI settings is pointless to suggest as it creates a problem to fix a problem.

• What is my suggestion ?
Have handles and their effective 'hover area', scalable by user during use(aka; not require preference changes).
Get rid of the old paradigms and make new, better paradigms.  The world of users with high resolution screens begs for this change!
     When we have handles on screen, allow us to scale the handles and the cursor icon changes.  Currently, your largest setting at 4k, is still VERY SMALL.

     At 8k, I increase the OS DPI up a bit,  but Affinity programs would require 400% to show thehandles as usable which defeats the purpose at the UI then overtakes too much screen space.
At 4k, I can not see the cursor changes enough to distinct what they are.  This is highly frustrating. 

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE.  Take this very seriously.    
PLEASE have your QA TEAM test your programs with highest DPI(without scaling!!).

Adobe has ignored tens of thousands of complaints for many years now and people are irate about it.
The future is coming at us fast.  8k Screens are not far from being used in more offices of visual work.

IMHO; It is imperative to get ahead of this. 

Thank You and enjoy your weekends.
All the best!


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To add;
mesh tool handles behave oddly. While you can zoom in to increase their size.. they have a specify select/move space..where if ithat center portion of the square is missed, the closest bezier handle associated to the square, will move around uncontrollably.  AKA: 1 px move of mouse will move the bez handle by 100 or more pixels.  Something isn't right there.

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