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[] Changing gradient fill type flash floods the history panel

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Changing a gradient type when using the Fill Tool adds huge amounts of the same entry, "Set fill type", to be added to the History panel. This is to the point that it will push everything else away, leaving only these repeated entries in the History panel, essentially denying you any way to undo your work. 

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create or select an object
  2. With the Fill Tool drag across the object to create a simple gradient
  3. On the context bar at the bottom, scroll to another fill type, like conical
  4. Watch as the History panel get absolutely overwhelmed with the same entry over and over
  5. I've actually manage to crash the app doing this, but it doesn't happen always

See the attached video for a visual guide on how to trigger this issue.


Workaround while this bug isn't fixed:

  1. With your object selected, DO NOT trigger the fill type popup by tap the fill type name
  2. Instead tap the arrows to the left and right of the fill type name
  3. Each tap on these arrows will only had one entry to the History panel
  4. If you accidentally trigger the fill type popup, either tap away to close it or directly tap once on another fill type, NEVER SCROLL THROUGH THE LIST
  5. Directly tapping another fill type on the popup still adds two duplicate entries to the History panel, but that's still better than flooding it and loosing your undo ability



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