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Touch indicator persisting on screen

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Whenever I’m using the app, there’s a chance where the touch indicator will stick to the bottom center interface. See attached video

  • it persist even if i change my interfaces
  • It reacts whenever I’m holding down
  • the touch indicator persist even if i go to other screens like the settings page attached (even if i rotate the screen)

Sometimes they pile up (2 touch indicator on the interface slightly different location) making the that interface hard to read. I really like the touch indicator since it helps me know if I’m holding or dragging effectively. My only work around is to force close the app, but it gets annoying because the touch indicator will be back on it’s place after a while.



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  • Staff

Hi maco,

We've not had any reports of this happening before as far as I'm aware, certainly nothing I've seen. What are you doing when you notice they get stuck on? Is this something you can reproduce quite easily? If so are you able to get a screen recording of the steps?

I've tried rotating the screen, returning to the home screen, switching apps with touch enabled, but just not seeing any of these getting stuck! Are you using an Apple Pencil in conjunction with your fingers, or is it solely your fingers?

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Hello @Sean P

I can still replicate it... but only when I’m trying to finish something on a deadline. So i just let them hang there and try not to make it any worse while i plow through my work. On times I’m not on a deadline, just enjoying a sketch or two, they’re not there.

Here’s something you can try to replicate it:

  • i switch between fingers and apple pencil
  • long hours of work
  • low battery for both tablet and pencil

If i spot them again, when not at work, I’ll record them.

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@Sean P was able to goof around and replicate the issue...

  1. select pencil tool
  2. change the stroke color from the bottom interface
  3. enable/disable the fill color from the bottom interface
  4. it will leave a touch indicator on the fill button
  5. Repeating step 2 to 4 multiple times will leave multiple touch indicators
  6. i’ll have to force close the app to remove the touch indicators


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  • Staff

Thanks for the video and steps - bizarrely I'm still unable to reproduce this! I've tried it on two iPads (1st Gen 12.9" Pro and a 2018 11" Pro). I've also tried with the Apple Pencil 1 and 2 and also my finger and none of these shows the issue. See attached video.

I know development have mentioned there is a software issue with the iPadOS in that the edge of the screen can become unresponsive after a while, and I'm wondering if that is what is happening - all the screenshots above look like its been stuck around the outside. A reboot of the iPad should sort that out. Do you mind giving your iPad a reboot and see if you can reproduce using your steps again?


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