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Vector brushes lagging on iPad Pro 12.9

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Hello all,

I'm on the latest version of Affinity Designer for iPad Pro ( 1st gen model ) 12.9 inches and still keep seeing vector brushes lagging. Sometimes it works smoothly and sometimes it doesn't. I was working on a 300 dpi file at 11 x 17 so I don't know if it's related to the project size or if the vector brushes are glitching. Has there been a fix for this issue? Otherwise, the desktop version works flawlessly compared to iOS. It's ironic because vector brushes on another program works very well without any lag when I want consistent path lines. 


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2 hours ago, Lee D said:

Was this effecting all of the default vector brushes within the Draw persona or one that has been added, can you let me know which so I can test?

If I recall, it was the default vector brushes, not the Vector Pencil. Basically, I would tap on the Vector brush tool and some times the lag occurs even with the basic strokes. Even the other brushes with inking and other texture effects would cause lag or glitch. I don't see any issues on the desktop version but only on my original 12.9 iPad Pro. When I draw with vector brushes, it needs to feel smooth and consistent. Even if I used the stabilizer, some of the lag can be noticeable. 

Sometimes the Vector brush would work fine at first and then lag after several strokes later. It should be smooth, clean, lightweight and fast considering it's a vector path despite working on 300 DPI for print purposes. It's especially true when the ends of my stroke lines have a wispy look to it as if using a #2 brush for comics. Based on my experience, Clip Studio Paint utilizing a vector layer, Adobe Fresco ( vector brush mode ), and/or Procreate do a nice job with the stroke lines. Sometimes if the Affinity vector brush lags or fails me, I often find myself having to switch to Adobe Fresco to use the vector brush or Procreate on my iPad for consistency and then export it out as SVG via Adobe Capture to Affinity Designer to tweak. 

As an additional note, I do NOT have any custom brushes imported to Affinity Designer on iOS. At the moment, I'm using an older Wacom Intuos 4 which makes it more difficult to draw consistently since it doesn't have a multi-touch feature so I plan on getting a display tablet later on for the desktop. 

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