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How to modify a table set up on a master page in different document pages

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Does anyone know if/how to modify a table set up on a master page on each of the individual pages that use that master page? I am trying to set up a master agenda using a table with four columns and a flexible number of rows.

On the master page I have set the table with the maximum number of rows. First pic.

Each page is the plan for a particular person and so the number of actions can vary from one to several. The idea is to set up the master page with a client's logo and general information then vary the number of rows on each page to match the number of tasks for that person.

A couple of typical pages are attached. Second nd third pics.

Adding text is not an issue as the rows on any of the pages will expand as required. The issue is deleting unneeded rows on individual pages. Is there a way?




Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 3.25.18 pm.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 3.34.22 pm.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 3.36.32 pm.png

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On each page where you want to modify the number of rows in the table you need to use a function called Edit Detached which can be found in the Help file

Basically Edit Detached will allow you to change certain things on the table which would normally be locked due to the fact that the table is from a Master page.

In brief...

On the page where you want to change the table rows...

Right-click the Master Page layer (in the Layers panel) and select Edit Detached
Expand the Master Page Layer and highlight/select the Table Layer within it (still in the Layers panel)
Delete the rows you want to delete
Then at the top of the screen in the orange bar click the Finish button


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Hi Carl,

I had tried to work through the Edit detached function but could not find it – I was selecting the actual table rather than the Master table source layer. Duh!

All makes sense now.


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