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[Affinity Photo] T V - LINEAR PT R,G,B V2.0

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Hello All,  

I  have been inspired by a thread I started this morning on Basic Procedural Texture Deconstruction to allow beginners to see into the process and the math to be able to create their own Procedural Texture.  I thought sharing some of my documentation would be a good place to start and fortunately videos are available at Graphicxtra.com.  They are a great resource.  Unfortunately, not how I got started, but, I am so happy to have found them that I will start seeing if I can work through an entire video at some point.  

For now, I am still figuring out that gradient macro workaround and this is a linear variation that introduces another formula in a unique way.  I hope you like it as I hope to expand on this one a little.







a1(R),a2(R),a3(R)                       lines

b1(0,1),b2(0,1),b3(0,1)              hard edge

c1(-1,1),c2(-1,1),c3(-1,1)           horiz shift left, right from center

d1(-1,1),d2(-1,1),d3(-1,1)           vert shift up, down from center


For now, this produces linear gradients that shift left or right, up or down, rotate limited( this happens when using the horiz shift and the vertical shift at the same time).  The R,G,B creates multi colored gradients.  This layer is non destructible and applies at 50 percent grey coverage at 100 percent opacity for choosing color gradient.  Set blend mode to overlay or soft light to see image and adjust transparency to taste. 

T V - LINEAR PT R,G,B V2.0.afmacros

Enjoy and Experiment - T V

NOTE - I started a new beginners supplement to the Procedural Texture Help section in the tutorial resource section.  You will be able to find more examples with free Macros and my attempts to break them down in understandable ways.  It should help others become a little more comfortable with this incredible process.

Future examples will show up on the tutorial forum page...


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linear 2.0 examples

                  horiz rgb shift .5                     vert rgb shift .33                 rhe1 rhs .5 rvs .33                rhe1 rhs -.5 rvs -.33                 hs rgb .5 rvs .33               hs rgb.5 rvs-.5 gvs-.25

                   986445918_linear2horizrgbshift.5.jpg.00b986bd7a3666920b43e49d1bbfe86d.jpg                    1496852967_linear2vertrgbshift_33.jpg.4d35340dc83e60163b2eb88b0604790c.jpg                    1264599662_linear2rhe1rhs_5rvs_33.jpg.bc261104feb7a632b581c1dccb36a3a7.jpg                    1247247637_linear2rhe1rhs-.5rvs-_33.jpg.414dc52ac033ab96ebb7be44a3fc68dd.jpg                    611714671_linear2horizrgbshift.5vrshift_33.jpg.cb7a8fee8e84d0b012950fe246cf4792.jpg                    1945485314_linear2hsrgb.5rvs-.5gvs-_25.jpg.2c0b854f5b4084fcff9f7d044c85c555.jpg

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