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I lost my apostrophe in a Publisher doc

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Hi everyone, here's my problem: I'm working on a Publisher document and, while I work on this document and only on this document, when I press the apostrophe key to insert the apostrophe character (') I get the "«" (without quotes) character instead. Again, only in this Affinity Publisher document on my Mac. With other docs or applications everything is fine. Being Italian, I need a lot the apostrophe character.

I am pretty sure i did something but really I have no idea on where to look. I started checking in Preferences>Abbreviations for all languages and in Preferences>Keybord Shortcuts even if these settings are global for all documents and, again I am having this problem ONLY in one (important) doc.

Does a single doc have his own settings on keyboard shortcuts or text expander? Any other idea?

Thank you for your help

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16 minutes ago, jjk said:

You have perhaps checked the case "Change straight quotes to typographic quotes" in Preferences/Auto-correct options.

Uncheck it and see.


Thank you jjk,

it helps but doesn't solve. But it helped me to find the problem: the issue starts when Character>Language>Spelling is set to Italian for the specific document. If I set it to 'none' the problem disappear (together with the spelling feature though).

I think I'll go to the 'bugs' section to report it: you definitively don't want "l«amore" instead of "l'amore".

Thank you so much for your help, somehow it pointed me in the right direction.


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