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Detailed history output

Feature request and suggestion for an additional function to Affinity Photo and the whole suite:

Basic function:
Output of data which is already available in the program internally and which is partially displayed in the history window

Content of the output:
Complete output of all history items with function name, attributes and all parameters entered or influenced by the user. The completeness of this data should enable a third party user to reproduce exactly what has been done with the image

Format of the output:
Plain text, text with some structure, csv, json or any other format that can be printed and, if needed, post-processed with own developed programs. Feasibility and ease of implementation and maintenance should drive the format decision

User interface:
No special requirement: menu, button or right click to the history window

Need and usefulness:
For sharing the way a picture has been developed with others, it would be very helpful to have a detailed list of steps from the history with all parameter data. So a third party user could reproduce exactly the way an image has been developed, could precisely improve the development and analyse steps, which fail to improve the image.

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