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  1. Definition of CMYK colors I'm using Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher (all under Win10pro (1909). Everything works fine so far, the software is excellent. For a new project I need to work with different color representations (RGB, HSL and CMYK) which all are supported by the 3 programs. It is clear to me, that with integer numbers due to rounding errors conversion back and forth not always come to exactly the same result. But surprisingly with the conversion from RGB to CMYK there are difficulties to understand. Example: I take a color (Hex: #C0260E) When I g
  2. Detailed history output Feature request and suggestion for an additional function to Affinity Photo and the whole suite: Basic function: Output of data which is already available in the program internally and which is partially displayed in the history window Content of the output: Complete output of all history items with function name, attributes and all parameters entered or influenced by the user. The completeness of this data should enable a third party user to reproduce exactly what has been done with the image Format of the output: Plain text, text with some st
  3. For sharing the way a picture has been developed with others, it would be very helpful to have a detailed list of steps from the history with all parameter data. The history window does not provide this in detail and complete. Is there any possibility to get a list, csv oder json file with this kind of data? Searching in the docs and this forum did not give me any idea. Any help appreciated.
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