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Is there any compatible additional Hardware?

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Hi folks,

either I did not search properly or there is nothing yet to find. Neither on the web, nor in here. So please maybe you can be of help?

I do want to use additional hardware on macOS as well as on iPadOS with Affinity Designer, Publisher & Photo.


Of such I am talking: https://amzn.to/39ujeph or

https://www.calumetphoto.de/product/Loupedeck-Plus-Spezialtastatur-Bild-Video-und-Tonmischpult/LPDPLUS?dfw_tracker=62390-LPDPLUS&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn_fXjL696AIVzJ13Ch1SIANrEAYYAyABEgKJDvD_BwE or anything comparable.


Thanks in advance!

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I asked loupe deck a while ago. Since they told me, they can not help here as I would need to speak to the software developer. Guess Serif might need to create an API therefore. The big competitor is doing so, that they could tell. That's why I have hope - for now. I'm sending a request. Would appreciate if you did as well! :)

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@Here's Waldo

Since I stated multiple time, that I am just a private user who purchased all 3 licenses mainly to support Serif,
I think it would not be authentic to suddenly claim that I want to use such devices..

I guess Serif is already struggling a bit to make far more common devices like touchscreens and Wacom-Tablets operate properly...
Such cool devices which you are talking about are probably far away down on the Serif Roadmap.. 

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Any hardware that triggers keyboard shortcuts or mouse events, such as that ShuttleXpress (or its extended sibling, the Shuttle Pro) will work fine with Windows or macOS.
I have used a Shuttle Pro before with no problems, and I have customised it for Affinity products on Windows.
Yes, it required its own software/driver installation - this is important!

The Adobe software does not have an API for these, it is only seeing keyboard and mouse signals!

If the Loupedesk (or its software/driver) produces virtual keyboard or mouse events, it will just work (after software/driver installation).
Since it works with a range of programs and the controls are customisable, I am fairly sure it will probably work fine on Windows or macOS (after software/driver installation).

Bluetooth keyboards (and devices that directly imitate them) should work fine on iOS.
With the iOS 13.4 update, that now also includes touchpad devices, such as Apple's Magic Trackpad.

(MIDI controllers will also work, since they send standard signals e.g. https://sensel.com/pages/the-sensel-morph or the Orba on Kickstarter, but they are really best for music apps.)

If those devices you mentioned used straight preset keyboard/mouse/trackpad imitation, they would work fine, but (as far as I know) each device produces its own signals and requires its own API.
For iOS plug-and-play without an app, these device manufacturer(s) would need to talk to Apple, especially if you need to customise the controls.
Alternatively, these devices would need their own app (provided by the hardware manufacturer) to interpret the device signals, the same as other non-standard iPad hardware (some storage devices, some custom stylus hardware).

As a workaround, something that converts their signal to a standard mouse/keyboard/trackpad signal would also work, e.g. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/05/07/use-your-shuttlexpress-controller-with-lumafusion/ (seems to have died, or at least been postponed).

The connecting link is device software (drivers, or app) that interprets their signal for the operating system to pass to the Affinity app, as @Fritz_H said.

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