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I'd like to use Guides for Lens Correction in Develop Persona in Affinity Photo

How can I Enable Guides in Develop Persona?

I enable View>Show Rulers and then View>Show Guides.

There is no Move Tool to drag a Guide out.

There is no View>Guides Manager.


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Hi cseeman,


At the moment you can’t, officially. Hopefully this will come later.

If you set the hand tool and ALT click or drag down from the ruler, you will get a guide but not as expected.  
Dragging from the top will give a vertical guide and from the side gives you a horizontal guide.  Snag is the positioning is a bit hit and miss and you can’t move them afterwards! You can turn them off but the guide manager is not accessible in the develop module so any guides set this way have to be deleted using the guide manager in the Photo Persona.
You can also process your raw without lens correction, develop it, set your guides in the Photo module & then go back into the develop module and the guides will be visible.  Then you can do the lens correction and click develop again to return to the Photo persona.

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