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Text scaling and cap height

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We all need the option of input and output of the cap height, to quickly get text that is exactly the same height like other objects.


There is Software with that option. In Affinity Designer it could be ch=n.


Not only because the Snapping is no help in that case up to now.





PS1: For users that are not professionals or typographers it is difficult to comprehend that:


Putting in 15 mm here for a versal letter “H" …




… results an height of about 13.9 mm (seen in the Transform field Height) … so 15 is 13.9 some might think




And when converting to curves, the 15 or 13.9 mm heights result in about only 10.7 mm.


Some might think, when choosing mm, I want to get the real height that I feed in. Who needs 3 or 4 (including 28,3 pt) or more different values in a vector app, not knowing which is right or stands for what?



PS2: Would be great if in future the snapping would work like shown by the snapping outlines:


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