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Affinity Photo Customer Beta ( - RC1)

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Status: Release Candidate

Purpose: Features, Improvements, Fixes

Requirements: TestFlight Access

App Store: Not submitted



We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the first release candidate build of Affinity Photo 1.8 for iPad.

We hope that you will enjoy the new capabilities introduced in this release and we look forward to any and all feedback you give to us.

Many thanks (as always),

Affinity Photo Team  :ph34r:


Changes This Build


- Fixed opening RAW files from Photos.
- Improved integration with Files app.
- Develop stability improvements.
- Fixed issues when printing live filters.
- Assorted small bug fixes.
- Help improvements.
- Localisation improvements.


Changes Since 1.7


- Significant memory management improvements.
- Further stability improvements for 3GB iPads.
- Develop performance improvements.
- Fixed batch dialog.
- New samples.
- Assorted small fixes.

- PSD smart object import support (enable in preferences).
- Customisable keyboard shortcuts.
- New stock brushes (your custom brushes will not be lost).
- Improved handling of RAW files when using batch processing.
- Improved channels panel behaviour when disabling alpha.
- Updated PANTONE palettes to include new Solid and Bridge sets.
- Added support for user-editable metadata fields, including IPTC).
- Improved quality & file size of results when exporting JPEG.
- Improved unsharp mask “threshold” slider.
- Improved selection refinement performance & quality.
- Improved the noise reduction filter result when applied to JPEGs.
- Improved precision of Gaussian algorithm (to reduce banding).
- Improved performance of operations with large selections.
- Improved memory use with alternate futures and when replacing image layers.
- Embedded document fixes.
- Fixed Styles to show styles that would normally be invisible.
- Fixed crash when loading some corrupt JPEGs (valid image data, but corrupt following data).
- Fixed deletion of brushes / styles / etc. not reducing disk usage correctly.
- Fixed PSD export of hidden layers.
- Fixed Pixel Selection appears incorrectly when started near page edge.
- Fixed rasterising a fill layer goes wrong after changing document size.
- Fixed Marquee Selection not constraining to a square if you drag across the right diagonal.
- Fixed failure to load some PSB files (and failing to report errors).
- Fixed missing EXIF data for CRWs.
- Fixed crash importing PSD files containing embedded colour profiles with unicode characters in their names.
- Assorted other small fixes and improvements.
- Localisation improvements.

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