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how to create either vector or pixel painting brushes

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Hi friends,

I have been looking for an answer to my question in the thread of brushes questions but I think none of them are meetings my needs,

I think that what I need is firstly to be sure that there is that possibility and then after to exactly know the procedings, I do not want toget fixed in how is it done with Ps or Procreate or any other. It is much more important to know this in Affinity from scratch.


And so.....what are the methods for creating customized or ouw own brushes either in vector paths or in pixel painting brushes? For sure....admitting the difference between. both kind of brushes.


I may be even more interested in the pixel brushes,

Let's say, to have brushes with geometricao shapes, or flowers, animals, textures and so on. Anything.


I thank you in advance for your kindi interest. You are a really great team and a great memberhood.


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Vector brushes :


Ronnie McBride has some very goo tutorials about his subject, check out the link,

or/and search in the forums.


You can also import Photoshop brushes without problem.

Download the photoshop brush(es)

In AFPhoto or AFDes : Go to brushes, click the little icon to the right (the 3 little lines with arrow)

Click import brushes

You can find the new brush in the panel in its own category.



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Thank you willma. I know how to import them, as soon as I have the right file in the desktop. Yes. The idea of doing it with the Photoshop Brushes is great. But..can you tell me how to do it with a sample?

I will check the tutorial gain and of course Ronnie´s  oc course. Is he a member and...does he has tutoos in line here?

Thanks a lot again.

You are the best.


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Importing Photoshop Brushes:


Create a new folder.

Name it Brushes.

Copy any Photoshop brushes you have ( they  are .abr files)into that folder

Start Affinnity Photo

Go to Brushes panel

Click the little menu on the right (the 3 little lines)

A submenu opens up.

Click "Import Brushes..."

Go to the new folder "Brushes"

Click one of them

Click OK

Finished. You will find your PHotoshop brushes as a new category in the Burshes panel.



I tried out your method of blurring the outline of a shape. Works very good and much quicker than my method.


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Thanks a lot Willma....I have already come into a youtube tutorial and there besides teaching how to create them in PS (I already knew how to do it and had done some of myself) it teqched to how to turn them into a abr file...jst send them to the desktop. And..there you have ready to import into APH. As I cannot do it in APH, and that why I was asking for help, now whenever I will wish to import one I will do it in PS and. then turn it into a abr. file. and that''s all. What is good about your information is the idea of opening. a new brush category and placing there all the brushes that have come from PS..or whatever cqtegory I may invent.

thank you so. I am afraid that though I am tidy about my files and all...you are m uch better in this. good to leqr from you!!!!


mmmmmsamples.....may be I wished to say something like...."specimen"..he, he....or an "item" that would show how things are done.....

By the way...I am one of Ronnie's fans, I have seen all of his tutos and he is really a kind and clever man.

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