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Affinity Photo features

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I dowloaded and started to incorporate Affinity Photo into my workflow. I must say I am very impressed by this software and fully expect to use it instead of Photoshop (Adobe CC goodbye :-)). Having using the full version for a few days (but the beta before) I have found two things I use in photoshop missing (or I failed to find the function in AP).


1. Shake reduction filter.

Does not do well on most images but in some cases it can be a savior. I would love this in AP.


2. Radial blur filter using the zoom method.

This is a very useful filter when trying ti create (or improve) light rays (e.g. God rays from clouds)


But so far this is the only thing I found missing (or haven't found) in AP. 

Now I only wish for an Affinity Lightroom replacement! :-)


Thanks for a great software!!


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The most critical issue is plugin compatibility. It should be the top priority when it comes to usability.

I already bought me a copy of the AP app and I like it so far, but it will not be part of my workflow until this issue is solved. No matter what other improvements will be realized. Another option would be implementing all the features of the Google Nik suite as native tools in AP :-)

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I also would very much appreciate a pdf instruction manual, or even better, a glossy illustrated instruction book you can order, with a fancy title like 'The Ultimate Affinity Photo Guide' :).

Seriously, I find it so much easier to do step by step instructions from a book than to constantly refer to a video, as instructive and good as your videos are. That's how I learned Photoshop.

Hope to have this option soon!

Yours, Mark

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