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First Photo in Affinity Photo release

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This is my first photo from the new release of Affinity Photo.


For those who might be interested, the photo is from a RAW file opened in AP, slightly adjusted and then developed.


The image was then exported out of AP in 3x which resulted in a 219 MB PNG file with the image at approx 48 x 36 inches with a resolution of 288 ppi.


I then squished it down to upload to the forum.  The image is a macro photo of a small agate stone that has been cut and polished.


Affinity Photo handled the whole thing like a trooper.  No hesitation, no slowness, no fuss, no bother.  I really like this program. 


Since I have zero experience or talent in this area, I am really pleased at the result.  Thank you guys at Serif.  Nice job !


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Well nice shapes and colors although I think a normal export would have resulted in a much cleaner/ sharper image. 


Correct me if I´m wrong but I honestly don´t see the point in exporting non vector stuff in @3 mode. I think it only bumps up the image size while it does not gain detail. 


Peace :)



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Thanks MBd.  I appreciate your viewing.   You are most probably correct about the exporting.  I was just mainly testing AP to see what it would put out at the 3x level.  I am not a photographer and my photos of these stones can sometime be a real pain to get to look good.  I know that the more pixels I have to work with the better the result will be when printed at a smaller size.  I will, as you suggest, check it out as a normal export and see if it improves any.

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Another RAW file processed through Affinity Photo new release.  This one is just a normal export as a JPG small size.

From a distance it reminds me of an oriental painting of a snowy branch.  There is very little post processing of the photo to adjust colors.

This is another photo of a small cut and polished stone.  The area covered by this photo is only slighly larger than a US 25 cent coin.

Please excuse the slight blurryness in the image.  Not Affinity Photos fault.  Macro photos at this level are difficult at best with less than a professional camera.  I hope you enjoy it.


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Yes I think this is a bit better.


The point you have to consider is, of course the amount of pixels.

But you can´t get more pixels than your camera saves. You will never gain more detail through bumping up the resolution higher than the camera.

(as long as only the photo is used)


I have a sort of magnifying glass which I can attach to my lens and then the minimal distance for in focus areas is much closer. And It´s extremely cheap compared to a macro lens.



The attached file is just a jpg out of the camera using a 110mm lens and the glass attached.



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