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I bought Publisher just a few days ago, in the hope of getting something better than Microsoft Publisher.  I do like the user interface, and I have been diving in and using it to build a book I want to publish soon.  All went well early, but as the book grew to its full size (just over 180 pages, lots of photographs), the situation has deteriorated quite rapidly.  The book layout is now more or less complete, but Publisher has huge problems working with it.  I believe there are memory problems, possibly even memory leaks.

With my document open but before I start doing anything to it, Task Manager shows that about 3GB of memory is being used (out of 8GB).  However once I start moving around the document and opening/editing pages in the editing pane, this grows very rapidly.  Performance gets slower and slower, and it doesn't take long to get to a point where Task Manager (if I can even open it) shows that there is NO free memory.  At this point it is pretty much impossible to do anything in Publisher - it will not even close down properly.  Usually I have to use Task Manager to terminate it, which of course carries many risks.  After doing this again just now, Task Manager was showing that there was almost no free memory, and it was several minutes after Publisher had finally stopped before this memory was released and returned to the available pool again.  I acknowledge that 8GB is a bit light for a data-heavy task like this, but it's the maximum that my current desktop can take. Also, your specs on Publisher state that 4GB is required.  I find it hard to see how anything much could be done with only 4GB of memory.

I'm a software developer myself, so I do understand how complex a big product like Publisher is, but right now it is feeling to me like it was released a bit too early.  I HAVE been able to build my book, and I CAN export a PDF which I hope will satisfy a printer.  So I'm hoping I will be able to get where I want to get to.  But the process is not pleasurable and feels quite flaky, which is disappointing.  I really hope you can make this product more robust very soon.  I want to like Publisher, but at the moment it is too hard.

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39 minutes ago, marshallarts said:

right now it is feeling to me like it was released a bit too early

There are many of us who would agree with that.


That being said, this doesn't seem like the most appropriate place on the forum for this particular post as it is not really a feature request.  This should most likely be in the bug forum for your platform: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/82-publisher-bugs-found-on-windows/


I suspect one of the moderators will most likely move this there when they see it.


I do remember seeing that others have reported similar issues, but I get the impression it is impacting some users and not others.

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Fair comment, but I put it here because it thought it wasn't specific enough for a bug report.  It's just using the software generally that causes my problem, not any specific feature or sequence of actions.  So I thought it was more "feedback" than "bug".  But if it gets moved, that's fine.

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