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  1. OK thanks. If it's only the default image quality, AND I select the quality I want (i.e. override the default), then it sounds to me like I should get essentially the same size PDF as previously. I'm thinking one of my other settings must be different, will investigate further.
  2. Apologies if this is answered somewhere, I did look but could not unearth anything... I am revisiting a book project for which I used Publisher a few months back, just to make a couple of tiny corrections and prepare for another print run. In the meantime Publisher got upgraded to the latest version - I'm noticing that when I do the export, the PDF of my book is about 70Mb smaller than the previous one was - would this be expected due to the upgrade? I'm as sure as I can be that I am using all the same settings for the export, although I can't be 100% sure. That size difference between the PDF I get now and the one I sent to the printer last time is about 10%, which strikes me as quite a lot. But if Publisher is just more efficient now at building them, that would be great to hear!
  3. In case it helps anyone else... I know all printers are not the same, but I spoke to mine and having RGB images inside a CMYK PDF is apparently no problem for them - their system will do the necessary conversion. Also, they prefer that I DON'T embed an ICC profile - he suggested it would make very little difference. We shall see! I will soon be uploading my big PDF to them, and a proof copy will appear in due course.
  4. Ok thanks for that. My printer has said he wants PDF/X-4, so I will need to see if it's a problem for the images to be RGB. If it is then I guess I have some work to do, converting them all. No problem, all part of the learning curve - this is all new territory for me. I have asked them about what ICC profile to use (if any) but don't have an answer on that yet.
  5. I'm working on a book with a lot of colour images. My document colour setting is CMYK/8, but of course the source images are all in RGB because they originated from a camera. It is not clear to me when, or if, the images get converted to CMYK colour space as I would hope/expect. In the "More..." dialog when exporting to PDF, there is a checkbox labelled "Convert image colour spaces", but when I select PDF/X-4 as the PDF type, it gets greyed out but NOT ticked. So, do the images get converted when they are placed in the document? If not, do they get converted during the export? Or do I have to convert them all before I put them into the document? At the moment I don't have any other software which can handle images in CMYK, so I can't verify what is in the PDF. I tried opening it in Photoshop Elements, selected "Images" and it extracted one, but then told me it is RGB. I think that's because Elements doesn't support CMYK, so if it was in that colour space it just converted it back to RGB - catch 22! Clearly not a valid test. Can anyone put my mind at rest and assure me that the PDF WILL have all the images in CMYK? Thanks.
  6. Further to the above... I just tried changing (a copy of) my document to Embedded, using the Resource Manager as described. The afpub file grew from about 12 MB to about 850 MB, about what I would expect really. Anyway, I saved and reopened the document OK, but now I get the dreaded "sudden close-down with no warning" problem. I was moving through the document and made a few small changes to text boxes, and WHAM - gone. This is very disconcerting, to say the least. So I am still none the wiser on the general question of whether I should be embedding or linking images, and it sounds like there is no clear answer and the situation is, er, "fluid". It would be nice to have some clarity on this. As an aside to all this, I thought my computer's maximum RAM size was 8GB (which it had), but just discovered today that it could in fact take 16GB. So I have just upgraded it to 16GB to give Publisher a bit more elbow room. It did help a bit, but not as much as I hoped. Publisher still seems to have a voracious appetite for memory - after doing a PDF export it was using nearly 13GB. The main improvement was that it remained responsive, and I could at least close it down. That's a significant step forward from how it was when it had only 8GB available - then it would become completely UNresponsive and I had to use Task Manager to kill it.
  7. Many thanks for that GarryP. I haven't ventured into the Resource Manager yet, sounds like I should. I will definitely do some experimentation along the lines you suggest. Thanks again.
  8. I'm a very new Publisher user, and have been using it to build a 180-page book with lots of images. I am having a lot of problems with performance and memory with Publisher. My book was initially laid out with Linked images, but I have seen a few posts here which suggest that maybe Embedded is a better way to go. So, if I change that setting in my document properties, I'm guessing AP isn't going to go and collect and embed all my linked images, right? If I change it to embedded now, does it affect any current images, or just ones that might be inserted from now on? If the latter, then I guess I would have to start again from scratch with it set to Embedded in order to change all the existing images. Is this the right assumption here, or am I missing something? The relative merits of Embedded vs Linked are very unclear to me, and nothing I've seen (yet) tells me WHY I should choose one over the other. I only chose Linked because I thought it should keep the Publisher file smaller, which I thought would be A Good Thing. But maybe not! If someone could clarify this, it would be a big help to me, and maybe others.
  9. Fair comment, but I put it here because it thought it wasn't specific enough for a bug report. It's just using the software generally that causes my problem, not any specific feature or sequence of actions. So I thought it was more "feedback" than "bug". But if it gets moved, that's fine.
  10. I bought Publisher just a few days ago, in the hope of getting something better than Microsoft Publisher. I do like the user interface, and I have been diving in and using it to build a book I want to publish soon. All went well early, but as the book grew to its full size (just over 180 pages, lots of photographs), the situation has deteriorated quite rapidly. The book layout is now more or less complete, but Publisher has huge problems working with it. I believe there are memory problems, possibly even memory leaks. With my document open but before I start doing anything to it, Task Manager shows that about 3GB of memory is being used (out of 8GB). However once I start moving around the document and opening/editing pages in the editing pane, this grows very rapidly. Performance gets slower and slower, and it doesn't take long to get to a point where Task Manager (if I can even open it) shows that there is NO free memory. At this point it is pretty much impossible to do anything in Publisher - it will not even close down properly. Usually I have to use Task Manager to terminate it, which of course carries many risks. After doing this again just now, Task Manager was showing that there was almost no free memory, and it was several minutes after Publisher had finally stopped before this memory was released and returned to the available pool again. I acknowledge that 8GB is a bit light for a data-heavy task like this, but it's the maximum that my current desktop can take. Also, your specs on Publisher state that 4GB is required. I find it hard to see how anything much could be done with only 4GB of memory. I'm a software developer myself, so I do understand how complex a big product like Publisher is, but right now it is feeling to me like it was released a bit too early. I HAVE been able to build my book, and I CAN export a PDF which I hope will satisfy a printer. So I'm hoping I will be able to get where I want to get to. But the process is not pleasurable and feels quite flaky, which is disappointing. I really hope you can make this product more robust very soon. I want to like Publisher, but at the moment it is too hard.
  11. I'm using Publisher to build a 180-page book with a lot of photographs. When I try to export it as PDF, it warns me that there are some text boxes with overflow. It would be very nice if it could point me to where the text box(es) is/are - it must know. Just a page number would be a big help. It gets very slow trawling trough this document, and I am having instability problems too.
  12. So, are you saying that I should embed images, rather than linking them? I am also having this problem. The document is a 180-page book with many photographs. Publisher slows down dramatically when working on this, and often closes down with no error or other warning. I will try embedding the images. PS - I do suspect that part of the problem in my situation is that my computer has only 8GB of RAM. Unfortunately it's the best I have, and 8GB is the maximum it can take, so i can't do anything about that.
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