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Pen Pressure Preference (Desktop)

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It would be great to have a setting in the desktop preferences to adjust your pressure curve of your stylus/drawing tablet pen - as you can do with the 'Pencil' preference tab on the iPad.
Every tablet is different (Wacom, Huion, XP-Pen, Yiynova, etc), and it would be nice to have some more control over how Affinity desktop software interprets your stylus/pen input. 

I know most tablets have this pressure curve setting in their tablet drivers' preferences, but for some reason Affinity brushes 'feel' different to draw with than, say, Photoshop brushes on the desktop. 
As such, it can get pretty tedious having to go back to the driver settings every time you switch apps, and to rather have a dedicated "Tablet Pen Settings" panel in the app preferences so that you can adjust it once and be done with it.

Furthermore, it might be wise to include this separate preferences panel for the stylus/pen as you may need to include future customisable pen settings (such as the "High Precision Tablet Input" setting). Most modern art and design apps have dedicated preferences to tailor the way your pen behaves within the apps, so I don't see a reason why this wouldn't be a really great and useful feature in Affinity apps too (especially in Photo and Designer where working with a drawing tablet is commonplace).

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