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Watch out.. data miners around

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Good morning together,

I've recieved a spam e-mail on my mail account, which is ONLY used by Affinity related conversations (forum & staff).
How can this be? Is there a leak at Affinity being used by data sniffers, I asked myself? Are account infos being sold? - I am more than happy about my policy to have one e-mail address for each contact, allowing me to KNOW whom to thank for, when I recieve spam on a specific account.

And I am also happy to see that these first assumptions are most likely wrong. Here is what might have happened:
A couple of weeks ago I had registered here in the forums since I had trouble with an Affinity installer. I had registered with my e-mail address as display name, which is not a good idea, I know. - Still, I tried to change the display name afterwards, but the forum denied this request: "You are not allowed to change your nick 14 days after registration" or so, it said. - WHY?? - This weird policy caused me to recieve spam now, on my Affinity e-mail account. I suppose some bot scanned this forum for everything that looks like an e-mail address, and harvested mine.

This leads me to share my experience here with you; DO NEVER write an e-mail address to the forums, it WILL be harvested by bots.

In the case I recieve more spam to my Affinity mail address, I might need to change my mail account. This also means, I need to change my Affinity profile data in order to use another e-mail address. - Is this manageable? Which points require me to update my new e-mail address?

1) Affinity Store website
2) Affinity Forums
3) Do the applications also hold information about my e-mail address?
4) Where else? Who can tell?

Kind regards,


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Hello Cif,

Assuming you used the same email address for each of the suggestions within your post, and if you still wish to change your email address, you will need to change all of these things.

In any case, I'd recommend contacting us on affinity@serif.com so that we can look into this further for you. It may be the case you need to just update your account email address manually within the respective account, but we can certainly look into this for you.



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