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Found 5 results

  1. This is my third portrait of a female, the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe. When I started this work I wasn't sure whether to draw extreme detail like pores and every strand of hair, which would have required some level of imagination since the quality of the reference photo was not too good. But while progressing I began to lean more towards creating a visual impression rather than going photo realistic. The impression being a soft, dreamy image. The dimensions at which this work was drawn are height x width = 165 x 126 cm. But since it entirely consists of vectors it can be re-scaled to any desired size without loss of quality. View all stages of this portrait in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2019/10/marilyn-monroe-vector-portrait.html Final drawing Some of the previous stages Wireframe Reference photo
  2. No pixels, all vector. This is a work in progress; so far only vector shapes have been drawn. After this custom made vector brushes will be applied to detail the pores, wrinkles, creases and hairs. Progress sequence at: https://communicats.blogspot.nl/2018/03/vladimir-putin-vector-portrait.html Below is the vector outline view, showing the shapes in the penultimate state. These are the previous 9 stages.
  3. This is my second vector portrait. First I began creating the vector shapes in the face - eyes, eye brows, nose, mouth, shadows and hair (first image). The second image shows the various stages of building the vector shapes and a screenshot of the outline view. Third image shows how far I have progressed now; this was done by applying custom made brush strokes (I needed to create 10 so far and perhaps I will need more in the process). It is far from finished, but a more detailed update sequence can be seen in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.nl/2018/03/marlon-brando-vector-portrait.html Also attached the afdesign-file so it becomes clear how the vector shapes were built for people that are interested. Building custom vector brushes is a trial and error process mostly, because AD does not have the dynamics settings of brushes like AP has, but fiddling with the options there are in AD, transparency, layer filters, with the direction of the nodes and pressure settings creates an almost similar effect. This portrait is more difficult to make than the previous one of Abe Lincoln, because Brando is younger in this photo and has less pronounced wrinkles in the face. I don't always stick to the facial features in the reference photo, because I want to enhance certain characteristics while decreasing the accent of others to try to bring out the essence of the person in the portrait. Marlon Brando vector portraitafdesign.afdesign
  4. Created this from scratch in Affinity Designer. Zero pixels, all vector. Not finished yet, but progressing nicely. Used a lot of swatches, transparency, blurring on areas and custom vector brushes. This is my first attempt at a realistic vector portrait. Original drawing 40 x 50 cm. Progress sequence will be posted in my portfolio blog once completed.
  5. Vector Portrait (Affinity Designer) http://b-bertuleit.de/luna-d-ray-2/

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