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Found 2 results

  1. I have to say that I find the snapping process quite difficult to understand in Affinity Designer. I understand that the purple outline tool can help if you have an enormous amount of objects on your art board. However, for me it's not intuitive. Anyway, could someone explain to me if it's possible to get snaps working whilst drawing between points in the same object being drawn? For example, imagine drawing a chevron shape like this: > I might start with the top left node point with the pen tool and then drawn down and to the right to create the next node point. Then on to the final node (bottom left). Is it possible to get the third node to align automatically to the top point? Currently, I can't make that happen. Am I doing something wrong? Even better would be if, as I'm drawing, it could flag that the third node is equally spaced vertically from the middle node as the upper node is spaced. A different but related question: Is it possible for snaps to pick up middle points/nodes in a drawn object? For example, imagine I've drawn an M (but where the middle node of the M does not go down all the way to the bottom - i.e. it's within the bounding box of the overall shape). If I now draw another shape, I can snap to points which lie on the outer bounding box. However, Affinity Designer won't pick up the inner node as a snapping point. Am I doing something wrong? All thoughts/suggestions gratefully received! Edward
  2. I’m looking for a way to add new points in a curve by snapping to other points/objects on the iPad. In this case there are two curves with the endpoints snapped on the red stroke; I need to put two points on that curve exactly over the two endpoints, so then I could split the line into three pieces. On desktop this should be quite easy since you can move the cursor first, snap it and then put the point. Of course I want to preserve the current curvature of the stroke, so adding a point and then moving it to its destinations it’s not the right solution.
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