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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, When I draw a line with a certain dash length, I want it to stay as that dash and gap length, but if I make the line wider the dashes and gaps get bigger. Is there a way to lock those lengths in? Thanks very much.
  2. I'm new to AD, and having fun trying all possibilities, but I have 1 question: after drawing a line with the pen tool or with the pencil or brush tool I see no tool to alter the line width other then for the whole line. In illustrator this can been done with an excellent Width tool. The brush palet can only change it at beginning and end of the line; not in between. Searching the documentation and tutorials has not helped so far. This is an important tool for me, so please tell me I missed something!
  3. Everytime I try to rescale this document from 512x512 to 1024x1024, some lines ends up much thicker than they should. I Agree it is bit mess up, not very well organized document, but this should not be a problem I think. It looks like there is something with symbols. I work on Windows version, Designer ver. I attached a file for further investigation. emoji affinity designer resize document size mess up line width.afdesign
  4. It would be nice to be able to change the line properties of more then one objekt(/layer) at the time. Say you have twenty different geometry objects (causing twenty layers) and want to set the line width to the same value or change the line style of all to the same, you normally would select all layers and adjust the settings. Currently it's not possible in AP; I have to select and ajdust every layer one after another. One solution is to grup the layers, but in some cases this won't work; e.g. when they are already grouped with ather layers which have their own styles (e.g. rectangle with outline/no fill and text layer with fill but no outline). Changing color instead works for all in one go.
  5. [using the German version of Affinity Designer on a German 64-bit Windows 7] When printing documents directly from Affinity Designer, line widths and joints get scrambled, producing incorrect printouts. Exporting the same document to PDF works perfectly, though. Attached are 3 files: The file *.afdesign contains three rectangles at the top with the same line width and sharp joints, plus a few other objects. The file *-exported.pdf contains the same document, exported directly from Affinity Designer. The PDF looks exactly as intended. And, if printed through a PDF viewer (FoxIt reader in my case), the paper printout also looks perfect. Wonderful. The file *-printed.pdf is a simulation of the printing of the same document using a PDF printer, but the result looks identical to the actual printout on my Epson device. Notice the following errors: All rectangle joints are now mitered 45° instead of sharp. The line width of the middle rectangle is now very different (much too thin) from the other rectangles that were drawn with the same line width. The rectangle at the right uses a different width for the horizontal and vertical lines. The outlines of some other objects are also slightly too thin, resulting in other artifacts: Zooming into the area where the arc should overlap the vertical line (see the exported PDF), one sees nearly no overlap, and there is a visible distance between both objects. Ideally, the printout should reliably produce the same output quality as the export, at least insofar as the printer resolution allows that... Andreas Weidner LineWidthTest-exported.pdf LineWidthTest-printed.pdf LineWidthTest.afdesign
  6. I am using Magic Trackpad. But you can not really use the trackpads pressure functionality. For that, I I followed exactly https://vimeo.com/111534016, but if I try to modify stroke width as shown in video, I can drag the points and lines in the pressure profile as I want to: absolutely nothing happens to my line... Would really appreciate any help... Cheers, Roland
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